Romina Tumini is a Psychologist - Psychotherapist

who believes that people are much more than the sum of their behaviours or the result of their past. Her multidisciplinary academic education has helped her to construct and apply a holistic perspective to Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Who I am

I am a psychologist and a counselor -psychotherapist trained in Person-Centred Approach and Focusing-Oriented Therapy. I have done a specialization in the Treatment of psychological Trauma and have experience particularly in the area of psychosomatic pain.

For almost 20 years I had been Argentinian Tango teacher and performer and I am also trained as Tango-Therapist. I have created Innertango as an approach that combines Focusing with traditional Tango-Therapy.

Being a migrant myself, I have personal experience on issues such us "not belonging", cross-cultural differences, homesickness, and I am especially sensitive to the loss that migration entails. Furthermore, I have worked therapeutically with migrants as well as with refugees at Doctors of the World and the Hellenic Rehabilitation Centre for Torture victims.

Romina Tumini

My Studies