An on-line approach to Counselling/ Psychotherapy is possible through a videoconference system (e.g. Skype) that allows not only verbal interaction but also enables the access to non-verbal information, which is very important in psychotherapy. The result is a very near experience to the face-to-face therapy.
On-line Psychotherapy would not replace in-person therapy –among other reasons- because there are many areas where it cannot be applied and it is not suitable for every kind of client (e.g. depressed persons with suicidal tendency shouldn’t be treated with on-line methods)
Nevertheless, On-line Psychotherapy can be greatly helpful for

  • people living abroad that cannot find a therapist who speaks their mother tongue
  • those who live in areas difficult to reach, or away from professional help.
  • highly busy people, that using internet save commuting time
  • those who travel frequently or during long periods
  • people that seek high discretion or anonymity about the fact of undertaking therapy.

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