Approaching Therapy

As a Person-centred Psychotherapist, I believe that everyone deserve a therapy tailored to the individuality of their experiences and their particular way of reacting to them. It should be a safe, discrete and effective therapeutic approach, which respects their right to fully control their therapeutic process.

All people are different and there are not standardized solutions that work for everybody. Everyone has his or her own particular path to personal growth and the psychotherapist is there to accompany the client in this process: to help them listening their very inner voice, to discover, acknowledge and empower their strengths and help them generate change on the problematic areas. My role is not to tell you what to do. I am thereto assist you on finding your own answers, the ones that come from your inner wisdom.

As a listener I will be there with respect, compassion and acceptance to hear what the client needs to say without judging or evaluating it. I will put effort on building a comfortable, safe and warmth atmosphere where to develop a trustworthy and solid therapeutic relationship. Furthermore, in order to unveil what there may be under the surface struggling to come up, I will be also carefully observing the body language and other non-verbal signals that may accompany what the client says. There are many things, like trauma or deeply hidden memories and emotions, which are speechless and can only be acceded through non-verbal expressions. 

Counseling / Psychotherapy

I offer both, counseling and psychotherapy. The differences are mainly about the length of the therapeutic intervention and how deeply would certain issues be approached. Usually, counseling allow a short and concise treatment of punctual issues or difficulties, while psychotherapy permits a wider and more in-depth approach to the client’s problematic.

Various languages

I work therapeutically in Spanish (my mother tongue), Greek (as I lived 11 years in Greece) and eventually in English and German.

How does it work?

I offer therapeutic help personally in Forststr. 144, Stuttgart, Germany (see Contact) as well as on-line through Skype or telephone.

The duration of a single counselling/psychotherapeutic session is 60 minutes. The duration of the treatment can vary from few sessions to a time period of over a year. Every session cost 40 €. The sessions are usually held once a week, except for acute situations or problems worsening, where a greater session frequency is required. Confidentiality is always assured.

You would contact me through e-mail, Skype or over the phone in order to arrange a first encounter (whether virtually or personally). The first session is free of charge. There will be discussed what has brought you to therapy and whether I can help you or your problems are beyond my expertise. (e.g. I wouldn't work with psychiatric patients or with children).

Having decided that we want to work together, we settle the context, that is: time, frequency and modality … and get started!